About Us

BikJaa is your one stop online marketplace where you can buy and sell products just the way you want. Choose from a wide range of millions of new and pre-owned items ranging from cars to electronics, home appliances, furniture and home décor, clothing, fashion and beauty products, property and much more. With Bikjaa’s cutting edge technology and filters, discover what others around you are selling in your neighborhood.

Ultimate shopping experience

Bikjaa’s free online marketplace app aims to provide you the ultimate shopping experience through its user-friendly interface where you can buy and sell from a wide selection of categories. You can browse and search for your desired products by product name, category and brands. 


Manage listings on the go

With Bikjaa’s fast and cutting edge technology, you can now manage your listings on the go from your phone. List in no time and start making money by selling your items.


Sign up for our premium packages

With our premium packages, you can get access to a wider pool of people makes it easier to sell your unwanted items quickly. 

Customer support

BikJaa’s live chat support feature lets you connect with our customer service representatives at one click. 


Personalized Notifications

Enable Bikjaa notifications to receive updates from your favorite brands and know about our exclusive deals on the app.

Filter your preferences

Bikjaa’s filters give you a comfortable experience by helping you navigate through items catering to your specific needs.